An Amazing and Joyful Testimonial of Fucoidan for Breast Cancer

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An Amazing and Joyful Testimonial of Fucoidan for Breast Cancer

After receiving a prognosis of three months, my wife is on her way to recovery thanks to “Fucoidan.” Midori Sasanuma, Housewife, female, 62 years old. Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, Japan/ Interview with her husband

Three months to live…the prognosis must have devastated you.

It was this spring, or March to be specific, when my wife checked herself into the hospital after being diagnosed with “breast cancer.” She had health check every year, but they somehow missed her breast cancer. Neither my wife nor myself could believe that the cancer had advanced so much quickly. After she received a detailed examination in the hospital, the doctors found that the cancer had spread to her lung and liver, and gave her a prognosis of three months. She was hit so hard, and I could see that all her energy and strength was suddenly drained. I don’t know. Is it a good thing to give such a somber prognosis directly to the patient? I still have some doubt about the way they handled my wife’s case.


What was her therapy?

As I remember, they did little to treat her condition. Although she received a hormone therapy for her breast cancer, she didn’t have any appetite at the time, and she didn’t even want to get up and move. There is a tumor maker called BCA 225, and her level was over 400. As the normal range is 160 or below, even a person who didn’t know anything about medicine like myself could tell something was terribly wrong.


Why did she start taking “Fucoidan”?

It was recommended by someone she knew. The person saw a segment on “Fucoidan” on TV and told me that my wife should try it. I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing, you know. I wanted to do anything to help her. Needless to say, I purchased the product right away.


How much did she take?

She drank four bottles of liquid fucoidan and had 16 capsules a day. They were divided into four portions and taken in the morning, around the noon, in the evening, and before going to bed. So, each time she took one bottle and four capsules. She said that the drink type was easier to take.


How is she doing now?

I don’t know exactly how effective “Fucoidan” was. I was just amazed that soon she began taking fucoidan herself, without being told to. It was around that time when the color of her face became visibly better. And three months after she began her fucoidan therapy, a will to live gradually returned to my wife. Her tumor marker level dropped to a range of 100 to 200, and she had appetite again. I can see now that she is getting better each day. Although my wife is still in hospital, I’m confident that she will stay this way. She is completely different from what she was like when she was first admitted to the hospital.


Advice from Dr.Tachikawa

We read various articles on the inadequacy of our “breast cancer examination” system in the newspapers lately. Surely there are many hospitals and clinics that choose to check for breast cancer only by touching the patient’s breasts, which could potentially delay the discovery of breast cancer. Also there is the issue of “telling the patient about his/her prognosis.” Although an informed consent is important, we should examine more about if we need to inform all terminal patients of their prognosis outright.


In the case of Mrs.Sasanuma, her breast cancer must have been stage four, because the cancer had metastasized to other organs far away from the breasts. In this devastating situation, the husband didn’t give up. His love and dedication must have infused a will to live into his wife again. Patients who are old or suffering from serious conditions are in a weak physical state. Accordingly, liquid formulations of “Fucoidan” that allow the user to “drink” are better for these patients than capsules, because they are absorbed faster into the body and also easy to take. The result is that fucoidan will likely demonstrate its cancer suppressing benefits faster. However, it will take some time before all cancers in her body gone. The good thing is that she is now grappling with her situation head on and willing to fight. Such positive thinking will surely be a plus in any therapy she might receive from now on.


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Amazing and Joyful Testimonials FUCOIDAN You can beat cancer too!!!-Dr.Daisuke Tachikawa (page 22-23)


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