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Miso soup with Tofu and Wakame (Alaria) recipe

Miso soup with Tofu and Wakame (Alaria) recipe

Wakame (Alaria) is a large brown kelp which grows in the upper limit of the sublittoral zone. It has a wide distribution in cold waters and does not survive above 16oC. It is found in areas such as Ireland, Scotland (United Kingdom), Iceland, Brittany (France), Norway, Nova Scotia (Canada), Sakhalin (Russia) and northern Hokkaido (Japan). In Ireland it grows up to 4m in length and favors and wave-exposed rocky reefs all around the Irish coast. Eaten in Ireland, Scotland (UK) and Iceland either fresh or cooked, it is said to have the best protein among the kelps and is also rich in trace minerals and vitamins, especially niacin. It is usually collected from the wild and eaten by local people, and while it has been successfully cultivated, this has not been extended to a commercial scale. Here we would like to introduce to you the most popular Miso soup with Tofu and Wakame (Alaria) recipe.
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