Using Fucoidan for Liver Disease

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Using Fucoidan for Liver Disease

Complete Healing of a Liver Disease that nothing could cure. I gain health thanks to Fucoidan. [Company employee, male, 45 years old]

I always had a weak liver, but six years ago I was officially diagnosed with hepatitis and “fatty liver,” and was admitted to the hospital. Excessive drinking and obesity due to lack of exercise were the reasons. I always had this lingering fatigue and occasional sharp pains below my right ribs. I spent six months in the hospital. My treatment consisted of dietary therapy and drugs, but my condition didn’t improve much. My doctor said I would probably have to live with my liver disease for the rest of my life, and he advised me to have regular checkups to prevent hepatocirrhosis.


When I was released from the hospital, I was ordered not to drink or eat too much and to engage in moderate exercise. I followed the doctor’s instructions for about three months, after which I returned to my old lifestyle. As they say, hardships are forgotten as time passes. My weight had shot up to 185 pounds before the hospitalization, and it came down to 139 while I was in the hospital. Once I returned  home, however, my weight soon increased to 154 and went back to 181 in six months. Around that tie home, the examinations at the hospital found my GOT and GPT levels hovering around 180 and 170, respectively. They were dangerously high, because the normal levels were around 35 for both.


Five years had passed, and in June of last year my boss introduced me fucoidan. He said it would cure all kinds of adult diseases, including liver problems. I wondered how a healthy food could possibly improve my condition, but just to make myself feel better I began taking the capsules. I took three capsules at a time, three times a day. Within three months or so, I noticed I wasn’t as tired as before. Moreover, the swelling in my upper body had subsided.


In November, when I went to the hospital for checkup, the doctor praised me for “exercise regularly and cutting back on my consumption of food.” My figures must have improved a lot. I wanted to say, “I don’t exercise or regulate my food intake,” but then I swallowed the words. I knew it was because of Fucoidan. My weight come down to 157 pounds and stabilized there. My liver is also improving, because the examination taken in May of this year showed that my GOT and GPT levels had dropped below 40.


The ultrasound also found a significant improvement. The doctor suggested that I stop taking the prescription drugs for a while. In fact, I hadn’t been taking the drugs for some time. Who needs hospital drugs when there’s Fucoidan? As my health improved, I gained stamina at work. Although I haven’t been assigned to jobs requiring me to work overtime, recently my boss has commended me several times. I learned that good health has a positive effect on everything, including work performance.

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