Algae definition and cool fun facts

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Algae definition and cool fun facts

ALGAE DEFINITION Algae are of any various green, red, or brown organisms that grow mostly in water, ranging in size from single cells to large spreading seaweeds. Like plants, algae manufacture their own food through photosynthesis and release large amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere. They also fix large amounts of carbon, which would otherwise exist in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

Algae form a major component of marine plankton and are often visible aspond scum and blooms in tidal pools. Land species mostly live in moist soil and on tree trunks or rocks. Some species live in extreme environments, such as deserts, hot springs, and glaciers. Although they were onceclassified as plants, the algae are now considered to be protists, with theexception of the cyanobacteria, formerly called blue-green algae. Thealgae do not form a distinct phylogenetic group, but the word alga serves asa convenient catch-all term for various photosynthetic protist phyla, including the green algae, brown algae, and red algae. 



Here are ten cool algae facts that you can use to impress your friends and teachers?

1) The oceans cover about 71% of the Earth’s surface, yet algae produce more than 71% of the Earth’s oxygen; in fact, some scientists believe that algae produce 87% of the world’s oxygen. They also help remove huge amounts of Carbon Dioxide.

2) Some algae are so cool, they can live in the snow, just like the pink-colored algae in the picture below.

3) Some algae can live in boiling hot water, like these yellow, green, and orange algae in Yellowstone National Park.

4) Oxygen was poisonous to the organisms that populated the early Earth. By producing oxygen, the first algae may have created the greatest toxic waste crisis in history.

5) The descendants of some of the first algae probably live inside your cells.

6) Some algae seem more like animals than plants.

7) Some algae even hunt and kill fish for food!

8) Fossilized Algae are used to make dynamite.

9) Algae may have caused one of the most famous miracles in the Bible.

10) Algae may be able to help save the planet.


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